Scholarship Application Procedures:

  1. Identify local and national scholarships by using the Scholarship Information Handout and/or Where to Find Scholarships Handout.  Local scholarships arrive at BGHS College Career Center daily and are posted on Naviance. Students are also welcome to visit the CCC for additional scholarship information.
  2. Pay close attention to deadline dates indicated on the applications.  If recommendations are required, allow the writer a least two weeks to write a letter of recommendation. 
  3. Complete the application. 
  4. All completed scholarship applications requiring a transcript should be turned into the BGHS College Career Center at least FIFTEEN SCHOOL DAYS IN ADVANCE of the deadline date.  If recommendations are required as part of the scholarship application, these should also be turned in with the completed scholarship application FIFTEEN SCHOOL DAYS IN ADVANCE of the deadline.  

For more information, please visit our Counselor Schoology Site