Peer Counseling

Peer Counselors are selected juniors and seniors trained to provide assistance to fellow students. Service range from orientation of new students, listening to concerns of peers and providing help and/or referral, being a friend to someone in need, and leadership in relevant group or school discussions, presentations, and activities. Peer counselors received .25 credits per semester (.5 credits per year).

Why do I want to join a support group?


  • Develop listening skills/communication skills
  • Meet new students
  • Talk about difficult issues and concerns with others in similar situations
  • Help other students
  • Learn more about yourself

Support Groups

  • Meet weekly on a rotating basis
  • Are confidential except safety issues
  • All potential group member are interviewed before joining

Support Group Topics
The following list is just a few of the topics that have been available to students at Buffalo Grove High School depending on the need and student support.

Transfer/New Student
Are you new to this school? Meet new students and talk about ways to adjust to your life at Buffalo Grove High School.

Stressed out by everything you have to do? Talk about ways to relax and cope with school, home, and relationships.

Talk about issues related to dealing with changes and conflict brought about by divorce and separation.

Food Issues/Body Image
Do you spend a lot of time thinking about food or your weight? Support offered to students struggling with society’s version of thinness.

Anger Management
Feeling angry all the time? Learn about strategies to deal with it in a healthy way.

Have you experienced the death or loss of someone important to you? Learn how to deal with your grief and help others deal with theirs.

Don’t Like School
Never did, never will. School takes up most of your day. Help in coping with hating it.