Must be signed out in advance with Kym Corbett in the Main Office. Staff driver(s) must be trained in advance in order to drive the white vehicles.

Can be fueled at BP at Dundee and Kennicott. They have the credit card on file.

If less than 1/4 tank of gas - fuel before returning.

April Wegrzyn has the credit card for extended trips.

Capacity* - seven passengers + one driver or fourteen passenger + one driver



School will purchase gas.

User to return van with gas (more than 1/4 of tank) and litter removed.


48 passengers 2 to a seat or 72 passengers 3 to a seat.

Field Trip Rates:

  • 3 hour minimum
  • $51.50 per hour plus parking and tolls
  • Charter trips that involve bus work between 7:00 - 9:30 am or 2:00 - 4:00 pm could be subject to an additional $100 surcharge.

Complete Bus Request Form with Field Trip Approval Form.

Field Trip/bus money to be deposited into respective accounts:

ESL/ Bilingual 04-08-363 Science 04-08-370
Career and Technical Education 04-08-361 Social Science 04-08-371
English 04-08-362 Summer 04-08-374
Foreign Language 04-08-365 Art 04-08-360
Student Services 04-08-373 Physical Education 04-08-369

Deposit envelope to indicate: Faculty Name - Date of Field Trip - Destination.

Bills will automatically be paid upon arrival. Note will be sent to faculty member indicating bill - amount - has been paid.