Textbook Distribution

The following procedures will be used to distribute textbooks to students. This procedure is to be used only for books which students will have for one complete semester or for the full academic year. Books that will be used for only a portion of a semester are to be checked in and out in accordance with the procedure developed by your Division Chairman.

  1. Textbooks will be stored in each Division Resource Center and/or Division Workroom.
  2. When students report to class, determine the number actually present. Send two students to the Division Resource Center/Workroom with a written statement requesting the number of books needed and the title of the book to be used.
  3. When distributing the books, have each student receiving a book fill out a "Student Book Report" form. Be sure the complete number of the book is placed in the proper place, as well as the student's name and the title of the book to be used. These forms are to be collected and retained by the teacher.
  4. If a student should happen to lose a book during the school year, DO NOT issue him another book until arrangements have been made to pay for the lost book in the DIVISION.
  5. In cases of student schedule changes, it is the responsibility of the teacher whose course is being dropped to collect the book which has been issued. Attendance Office should be referred as quickly as possible rather than waiting until the end of the semester/year. Schedule changes within the Division should be handled by a prompt transfer of Student Book Report forms between the teachers involved. Teachers are encouraged to take care of this matter as soon as changes are made.
  6. Students who enter a class after the completion of the first week will also be issued textbooks by the teacher. Books not checked out will be kept in each respective Division. The specific location of each "storeroom" will be determined by each Division Head. Each new student who is issued a textbook should complete the Student Book Report form. The form should be retained by the teacher as it will be used in the book collection process.

It is our feeling that this "decentralized" process of distributing books will be a quick and efficient procedure for getting this job done. It should guarantee each student getting the book he really needs for a particular course.