Protests and Demonstrations

  1. Restrict access to building to main entrances in office area and in theater area.
  2. A lockdown announcement may be made.
  3. Keep students confined to their assigned classrooms as much as possible. This means to eliminate hall passes and any other type of hallway business during the time of stress. The purpose is to keep away from situations which allow students to congregate.
  4. Staff are to report unauthorized persons or strangers to the dean's office by phone or by radio housed in the Division Clerk's office.
  5. Teachers are to keep their classroom doors closed.
  6. Research shows that the principal should remain in the immediate office area so he/she will be readily available for information from both within the building and reporting outside the building.
  7. The deans, assistant principals, and/or associate principals will investigate any area of the building which is experiencing difficulty.
  8. Students who wish to join the demonstration should be released to participate but at that time should be advised that school is in session and they will be held responsible for work and all time missed. If they are disrespectful, they may face other consequences.
  9. If outside help from law enforcement agencies is needed, the principal will make that decision and that call.