No Pass/No Play Policy

In accordance with Illinois state law, students involved in certain activities at Buffalo Grove High School must maintain a specified academic standard.

I. Academic Standard:

To participate in specific activities, students must meet the academic eligibility standards as established by the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). 

Per IHSA standards, the student must be passing twenty (25) credit hours on a weekly basis to be eligible on a weekly basis. 

Per IHSA standards, the student must be passing twenty (25) credit hours on a semester basis to be eligible on a semester basis. 

II. Activities governed by no pass / no play:

All organizations involved in interscholastic competition: 

  • Athletic Teams, Debate, Math Team, 
  • Speech Team, Science Olympiad, Chess Team, 
  • Scholastic Bowl, Robotics, and Any credit bearing organization that competes inter-scholastically 
  • Performance organizations: 
  • Drill Team, Cheerleaders, Pom Pons
  • Orchesis 
  • Major Productions: 
  • Fall Play, Musical, Spring Play 
  • Select Student Government Positions:
  • Officers of Class Boards and Student Council 

lIl. Activities not covered by no pass / no play:

Activities that are singular in nature, have limited engagement, or involve general masses: 

  • V-Show, Improv Show,
  • Clubs, Honor Societies, Madman Volleyball, 
  • Airband Mixer, Prom Court, Homecoming Court, 
  • General Membership - Student Council and Class Boards 
  • Non-competitive* activities of credit bearing organizations: 
  • Jazz Band, Marching Band, Expressions, 
  • Charger, Stampede 

* Non-competitive performance is evaluated by ratings of superior, good, fair, etc. Competitive performance is evaluated by rating of first place, second place, best of show, best of class, etc.