MEDCOR Instructions

District 214 uses the services of a company called MEDCOR whenever work related injuries take place. MEDCOR gives injured employees instant access to specialty-trained medical professionals and state-of-the art triage protocols.

Calling MEDCOR is the first step that must be completed should there be any work related injury. When possible, the injured employee and supervisor should make the call together.

MEDCOR 1-800-775-5866 (24 hours a day & 7 days a week)


  1. Injury occurs
  2. Assuming there is not an emergency need to call 911, tend to the injury but report the injury to your supervisor so that a call to MEDCOR can take place. Each division has the MEDCOR information posted but should you need help, contact Rob Hartwig for most injuries. For injuries in the co-curricular world, call me. You can and should call MEDCOR even if your supervisor is not available.
  3. When you call the MEDCOR number, you will speak to a registered nurse who will assist you with your next steps in dealing with the injury. The nurse will most likely suggest a course of follow-up which may include going to an immediate care facility or hospital.
  4. Once you complete the phone call, the nurse will speak with your supervisor to give him/her the reference number as well. Phone calls typically last around 10 minutes.
  5. Your supervisor should then fill out an accident report and turn it into Cindy Igyarto in the main office.

The most important reason for calling MEDCOR is that a case number will be created on your behalf and given to the district. If there is a worker's compensation issue with you having to miss work or have medical expenses covered, the district must have a MEDCOR number for reference. 

Calling MEDCOR alleviates red tape. Don't wait for an injury to become a problem. Make the call ASAP.