Main Office Responsibilities

General Philosophy

We will facilitate communication with staff, parents, students, central office and the community by making sure that all telephone calls are answered in person as well as greeting and assisting everyone who walks into the office. We will foster mutual cooperation by providing assistance to one another when dealing with major projects and everyday tasks which need to be completed.

These are the assigned duties and responsibilities of the main office staff.

Debra Jacks (4011)

  • Principal's correspondence, appointments, and observations (Jeff Wardle)
  • Principal’s Weekly Blog
  • Parent Newsletter
  • Maintain Certified Staff Files
  • Maintain ESP Files
  • Attendance (ESP)
  • Distribute Paychecks/Reimbursements
  • All Personnel/Payroll Information
  • Certified Staff Non-Curricular Payroll Issues
  • FMLA Contact for Staff
  • Office Manager
  • Coordinate of Mass Mailings
  • Office Supplies
  • Update Telephone Extensions
  • Update Building/District Telephone Directories
  • Coordinate National Merit Recognition
  • Coordinate Principal Awards Ceremony
  • Maintain District and Building Forms on hand, stock form boxes
  • ESP Summer Hour Coordination
  • Supplies/billing for building copy machines
  • Contact copier companies for repairs (summer)
  • Outdoor electronic sign updates

Barb Sittner (4015)

  • Associate Principal's correspondence, appointments, and observations (Jill Maraldo)
  • Substitutes and Certified Staff (Maintain Certified Files)
  • Attendance (Certified Staff)
  • Professional Growth/Development
  • New Staff Orientation (Mentoring, Lunchtime Learning)
  • Summer Workshops
  • Summer School
  • Honors Recognition Program/Principal Awards
  • Student/Staff Member of the Month
  • Outstanding Contribution to Education Award
  • Junior Practice ACT
  • Title Funds
  • Homebound
  • Scheduling Student Teacher Classroom Observations
  • Late Arrival/Institute Day Activities

Cindy Igyarto (4013)

  • Associate Principal's correspondence and appointments (Robert Hartwig)
  • Student Residency Issues
  • Special Transfer Issues
  • Transportation (Bus) Issues
  • Student Lockers
  • Building Issues including maintenance and custodial
  • Budget
  • Keys (Staff and Substitute Teachers)
  • Travel Arrangements - PDF (Professional Development Fund) Program
  • ESP PDF Program
  • Summer Emergency P.O. Preparation
  • Coordination of On-Line Registration
  • Textbooks/Rebinds
  • Student Financial Obligations
  • Fee Waivers
  • Deferred Payments
  • Withdrawn Student Refunds
  • Coordinate Open House
  • Coordinate Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Graduation

April Wegrzyn (4019)

  • Assistant Principal's correspondence and appointments (Mark Schaetzlein)
  • Bookkeeper (All Deposits, Student Activity Checks, and PO's)
  • Summer School Fee Entries
  • Field trip buses
  • Assists with all requests of Co-Curricular Program
  • Athletics 2000 enter dates for activities/athletics

Kymberly Corbett (4020)

  • Athletic Assistant
  • Athletic Calendar
  • Athletics 2000 enter dates for activities/athletics
  • Coordinate Athletic Fees/Finances
  • Assists with all requests of Athletic Program
  • School Vans / Transportation for Athletics and Activities