Locker Information

Students are assigned a personal hall locker at the time of their enrollment. They keep the same locker throughout their four years at Buffalo Grove High School. They are issued a locker combination at the same time. Students are instructed NOT TO SHARE the combination of their locker with any other students. They are personally responsible for their locker and its contents. There will be no marking on the inside or outside of the locker. Taping of pictures and other decorations inside of the locker (with masking tape only) will be allowed provided the student removes them at the end of the school year with no damage to the paint finish. Students will be assessed a charge if lockers require serious cleaning or removal of tape or decorations.

Students should completely empty their lockers before the last day of school each June. Students should not store anything in the lockers over the summer.

All lockers are cleaned over the summer and anything left in the lockers will be disposed of.

In the case of a student not being able to open his locker due to malfunction of the handle, jam, or vandalism, they should be directed to the Main Office to report the problem. The student fills out a repair form located at the receptionist’s desk. A custodial employee is assigned the duty of repairing broken lockers. They make periodic checks in the Main Office for these repair forms. 

Students who forget their locker combination can inquire in the Main Office after school starts.

Students are also assigned a BGHS combination lock for their P.E. classes. Students are to use only BGHS locks. All other locks will be clipped.

Band and Orchestra students are assigned lockers in the Music Department.