Homebound Instruction

The purpose of homebound instruction is to provide a program of instruction for students who are temporarily unable to attend school due to medical reasons certified by a physician so that they can return to their classes when they are medically able.

Students who are receiving homebound instruction for a period longer than nine weeks need to provide a progress report and prognosis every nine weeks from their service provider. A students's doctor may be contacted by school officials to determine which activities are appropriate.

The district reserves the right to ask for a second opinion from a physician at district expense in cases in which the district believes there is a substantial question as to whether the student needs homebound instruction.

Students receiving homebound instruction will receive a minimum of five hours of instruction per week, unless the student's attending physician has certified that the student should receive less instruction. A student will not be entitled to receive all instruction that would be received if he or she were able to attend a regular school program, but will receive instructional services sufficient to appropriately advance his or her basic educational development.

Not all courses in the Buffalo Grove curriculum will be available to homebound students. For example, AP courses, lab courses, technology courses, and driver education courses are not available on a homebound basis. For students who are on homebound for more than nine weeks, a reduced schedule will be developed. This may mean that the student will be unable to graduate within four years.

Students who are receiving homebound instruction will not be permitted to participate in cocurricular activities until they are able to return to school.

Teachers may have the option of issuing a grade or allowing the homebound instructor to issue a grade when students are absent longer than nine weeks.

No grades will be issued until all work is completed. We will notify parents of student progress. However, there is some work, such as labs, that can only be completed at school. Grades cannot be issued until such work is completed.

Pregnant students will qualify for homebound instruction prior to delivery if a medical doctor certifies that they are unable to attend school for more than two weeks for medical reasons. After delivery, homebound services will be provided for six weeks after natural childbirth or eight weeks after a C-section. Extenuating medical services will be reviewed. No students will receive homebound instruction so that they can provide child care for their children.

We work with district approved tutors, but keep in mind that many tutors provide instruction in a dozen subjects and are not experts in every field. Some tutors, especially in the sciences, advanced mathematics, and foreign languages, are very difficult to obtain. Thus, the district cannot guarantee that tutors will be certified or otherwise possess specialized qualifications to provide tutoring in any particular subject area.

With doctor's approval, a "P" grade will be issued for P.E.

Teachers will provide no more than two weeks of assignments until previous assignments are returned.