Discipline Referrals

  1. Write a referral when an intervention is needed by the Deans or in order to document an intervention you have made (paper trail), but action is not warranted by the dean at this time. (Note #9 below)
  2. Please fill out the form completely! Use the full name and ID # for the student in the appropriate location. Don't forget your name and the counselor's name if possible.
  3. Indicate at the top of the form whether an action by the Dean is necessary or not.
  4. Please keep in mind that this is a "legal" document and therefore, requires as much objectivity as possible. Keep the narrative straight forward and accurate concerning the facts of the behavior or incident. Please, no editorializing. Remember these forms are read to and by the parent-guardians as well as other professionals when necessary.
  5. Since any consequence issued by the Deans could technically or formally be appealed under "Due Process", it is best to keep the referral as concise and accurate as possible.
  6. The Deans will communicate with the initiator of the referral, through written comments on the form after the intervention occurs. The Dean may also communicate with the initiator either personally or by phone if more information is necessary.
  7. Please feel free to call the Dean's office when the need arises. If they are unavailable, leave a voice mail message or speak to an attendance assistant. (ext. 4001, 4002)
  8. The Deans are an excellent resource to utilize when you want assistance with establishing classroom management strategies or need clarification of Student-Parent Handbook expectations or Board of Education policies.
  9. The Division Head will handle most first time referrals, except in the case of "gross misconduct" or other possible suspendible offenses. Certainly in the case of any emergency-critical situation or if the Division Head is unavailable please send the referral directly to or immediately call the Dean's office.
  10. Please adhere to the confidentiality factor of attendance and discipline concerns since they could be used in due process proceedings and special education/504 IEP's and other legal matters.