Administrative Responsibilities


  1. Facilitates the development of the building's vision, mission, and goals.
  2. Promotes a school climate which includes high expectations for students and staff and a productive orderly and safe working environment in which effective instruction can take place.
  3. Provides building level leadership for curriculum and instruction.
  4. Coordinates development of the School Improvement Plan.
  5. Helps all staff to be effective professionally.
  6. Knowledgeable of all aspects of operating a school.
  7. Instructional leader - visible in classes, and facilitates improvement in curriculum, assessment, instruction.
  8. Oversees the supervision of Student Activities.
  9. Seeks and gathers input from students, staff, and/or parents on issues.
  10. Supportive of staff development program.
  11. Delegates tasks to administrative staff.
  12. Clear expectations are communicated to administrators, staff, students, and parent.
  13. Liaison to parent and community groups.
  14. Representation of BG views at district meetings.
  15. Communicates and interprets school board and district policies and procedures to staff, students, and parents.
  16. Assists and supports administrators in the evaluation and improvement in the buildings instructional, student services, and co-curricular programs.
  17. Maintains a high visibility in the building during the school day and at school events.
  18. Represents BG at school board meetings.
  19. Evaluates Assistant Principals
  20. Implements policy decisions of the Board of Education.
  21. Emphasizes and reinforces confidentiality related to all personnel and student matters.
  22. Evaluates Associate Principals.

Associate Principal - Instruction 

  1. Assists the principal in promoting a school climate which includes high expectations for students and staff and a productive, orderly, and safe working environment in which effective instruction can take place.
  2. School and personal support for division heads.
  3. Supervises staff attendance and substitute teacher programs.
  4. Assists division heads with the development, implementation, evaluation, and modification of the curriculum and instructional program.
  5. Overview of entire curriculum and instructional program and the learning experiences that enable students to fulfill the graduation requirements.
  6. Represents BG at district meetings.
  7. Plans and implements the Senior Awards Brunch.
  8. Make classroom observations to become familiar with teaching styles.
  9. Knowledgeable of district developments related to curriculum and communicates to BG staff.
  10. Assists division heads in the development and implementation of the school improvement plans.
  11. Director of building summer school program.
  12. Works with assessment coordinator and division heads to determine implications of student learning assessment data for the purpose of improving the instructional program.
  13. Keeps abreast of curriculum trends and communicates to BG A-Team.
  14. Fosters articulation efforts with pre high school and post high school institutions.
  15. Assists in the development and implementation of a mentoring program for new certificated staff.
  16. Works with district staff development office and building administrators to provide leadership in fostering professional growth through staff development and other professional opportunities.
  17. Assists administrative staff in implementing District 214 evaluation program.
  18. Facilitates North Central outcomes accreditation and evaluation process.
  19. Provides leadership and support for building committees such as Bison Pride, staff development, outstanding contributions to education.
  20. Maintains high visibility in the building during the school day and at school events.
  21. Coordinates staff professional growth plans and documents progress.
  22. Approves student early graduation requests.
  23. Evaluates Division Heads and the Academic Technology Coordinator.

Associate Principal - Operations 

  1. Assists the principal in promoting a school climate which includes high expectations for students and staff and a productive, orderly, and safe working environment in which effective instruction can take place.
  2. Develops the Building Budget.
  3. Organizes Graduation.
  4. Organizes Open House.
  5. Organizes Parent Teacher Conferences.
  6. Organizes the 4/7 Semester Student Recognition Program.
  7. Manages the student transportation system.
  8. Oversees the field trip policies and record keeping. 
  9. Oversees the attendance policy.
  10. Special Ed and Dean: Facilitate interaction and communication between Special Ed. department and the Deans regarding students who are experiencing academic, behavioral, and emotional problems.
  11. Team Management of Student Support Teams
  12. Oversees the supervision of the Dean's office, including discipline, attendance and security.
  13. Building renewal.
  14. Documents and communicates needs for facilities improvement and maintenance.
  15. Works with the Cafeteria Manager to provide food services.
  16. Works with appropriate personnel to develop and monitor the school's budget.
  17. Organize Operational meetings.
  18. Represents BG at district meetings.
  19. Maintains high visibility in the building during the school day and at school events.
  20. Provides leadership and/or support for building committees such as staff professional travel, screenings, student diversity, building operations, technology program, commencement program and senior awards assembly.
  21. Responsible for key distribution.
  22. Coordinates ESP hiring and evaluations.
  23. Oversees fee payment process and student registration
  24. Supervises maintenance/custodial staff.
  25. Works with the appropriate central administration personnel to acquire instructional materials.
  26. Evaluates Deans, Building and Grounds Supervisor, Various Main Office Personnel, Copy Room and Technology Systems Supervisor and Student Services Personnel.
  27. Fire Drills
  28. Tornado Drills
  29. Bus Evacuation Drills
  30. Student Residency
  31. Fee Waivers/Payment Plans
  32. Special Transfers
  33. Non-Traditional hiring arrangements

Assistant Principal - Student Activities

  1. Recruit and select high quality co-curricular staff.
  2. Support staff who works with students in co-curricular.
  3. Coordinate the scheduling of events to reduce conflicts.
  4. Provide activities for students which support our school and its vision and goals.
  5. Communicate with instructional staff regarding issues.
  6. Share a sense of the study body, by providing activities of interest to all students.
  7. Evaluate activity program.
  8. Help sponsors develop goals for the students.
  9. Oversee the student accounting system and treasurer of student activity accounts.
  10. Assist in the development and oversee the implementation of the co-curricular budgets.
  11. Student recognition.
  12. Administers Co-curricular code.
  13. Monitors academic eligibility of all IHSA participants.
  14. Oversees co-curricular transportation system (buses/vans).
  15. Represents BGHS at MSL and IHSA meetings.
  16. Coordinates faculty/administrator supervision at co-curricular activities.
  17. Coordinates the building's alumni recognition program.

Assistant Principal - Student Services

  1. Assists division heads in resolving master schedule issues such as balancing the schedule and classes.
  2. Off-campus placement - sources of alternative education.
  3. Oversees the identification and evaluation of students for special education or 504 eligibility and education plans.
  4. Supervises Assessment center and the standardized testing program.
  5. Follows up on BG graduates related to post secondary experiences.
  6. Confirms counselor verification of students meeting graduation requirements.
  7. Custodian of school records.
  8. Monitors grade appeals.
  9. Coordinates homebound/hospital program.
  10. Assists in the development and implementation of the guidance and health programs.
  11. Schedules student scheduling process.
  12. Oversees the development of the master schedule and enrollment process.
  13. Coordinates new student program and enrollment.
  14. Evaluation of division staff.
  15. Generate Student Handbook
  16. Responsible for Incomplete Grades at the end of each semester.

Division Heads

  1. Curriculum development leader - knowledgeable of current curricular information, provides support to teachers.
  2. Instructional leader related to teaching strategies to meet the needs of all learners.
  3. Handles initial student problems in classrooms through staff, student and parent communication.
  4. Recruits and mentors new division staff.
  5. Provides total school perspective to division staff.
  6. Assists in the development of district assessment plans related to division responsibilities.
  7. Coordinates development of school improvement plan related division responsibilities.
  8. Supervises alignment of curriculum with IGAP and DAP.
  9. Monitors student achievement in division.
  10. Facilitates the sharing of pertinent information (current practice and research) in providing leadership for instructional improvement.
  11. Develop and monitors the division budget.
  12. Develops Master Schedule for division
  13. Manages room or facility usage by division staff.
  14. Provides support, guidance, and feedback to division staff.
  15. Evaluation of division staff--certified and ESP.
  16. Communicates divisional curricular offerings and opportunities to the students, parents, and community.
  17. Oversees division student teachers and student observers.
  18. Calls for substitutes needed in division.
  19. Oversees the operation of the division resource room.
  20. Serves on district committees.
  21. Determines placement of students in appropriate classes.
  22. Articulates with pre-and post-high school institutions and community.

Dean of Students

  1. Provide safe and healthy campus environment so effective instruction can occur.
  2. Preventative maintenance with student problems.
  3. Refer students to administrative screening after the dean office intervention have failed.
  4. Maintenance of attendance records.
  5. Counsel with students, staff, and parents to assist students in correcting attendance problems.
  6. Maintenance of student disciplinary records.
  7. Oversee the implementation of the discipline and attendance policies.
  8. Coordinate and supervise security.
  9. Level 2 classroom discipline.
  10. Generate sixth assignments responsibilities for staff.
  11. Attend court hearing on student disciplinary matters.
  12. Maintain close contact with student services division to develop intervention strategies to assist students having discipline or attendance problems.
  13. Community awareness programs - various issues: gangs, drugs, vandalism.
  14. Presentations to division meetings or discipline and attendance policies and classroom management strategies.
  15. Provide feedback to staff on status of their students.
  16. Staff inservice on student management.
  17. Oversee parking lot, student and faculty parking
  18. Implement peer mediation program.
  19. High visibility in the building and at school sponsored activities.
  20. Communicates with principalship on an ongoing basis in order to update student situations.
  21. Coordinates and supervises police counselor.
  22. Supervision and evaluates security and attendance staff.
  23. Student and Staff ID program
  24. Security Camera System
  25. Lockdown Drill (development, implementation and ongoing review)
  26. Building Safety / Crisis Management Plan
  27. Generates the Student Handbook