Heart Smart EKG Screening


Dear Parent,

In 2005, Max Schewitz died without warning from a hidden heart condition. He was just 20.  Now, the Max Schewitz Foundation’s Heart Smart EKG screening helps find at-risk children so they can seek treatment and not share Max’s fate.

Screening will be offered on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 to all Buffalo Grove High School students.

  • Testing includes an EKG for all participants. 
  • Students selected by the cardiologist will also get an echocardiogram on test day at no cost
  • Only students with permission will be tested (online or oral on test day).
  • Testing costs $15 per student, but is free for students who are registered with the school to receive free or reduced lunch.
  • Please register your student online at http://www.heartsmartekg.org/BGHS or on our website, www.heartsmartEKG.org.  Because the heart changes over time, even previously tested students should register for testing.

The Max Schewitz Foundation has provided over 72,000 EKGs to area students.

  • Testing is conducted during students’ PE classes in private booths.  Accommodations will be made for students who do not have PE so testing is available to everyone.
  • Every effort is made to respect privacy and modesty. Testing takes place in individual booths, and boys are tested separately from girls. 
  • Cardiologist Eli Lavie, MD oversees all aspects of testing and interpretation.
  • Results are confidential and are shared only with parents within 3 weeks after testing.
  • Copies of the actual test are given to parents who register by the early deadline of January 17, 2018. Parents requesting a copy of the actual test after that incur a $10 handling fee. 

Please register online today:  www.heartsmartEKG.org/BGHS

Volunteer! We need approximately 75 parent volunteers to help with testing, and typically offer two 3.5 hour timeslots to volunteers. Volunteer on the website when you register your child.

For more information contact Kathy Aykroid at 847-736-8140 or visit the Foundation’s website at www.heartsmartEKG.org



Robert Hartwig

Associate Principal

The Max Schewitz Foundation in partnership with area schools