November 2017 Students and Staff of the Month Honored at Buffalo Grove

An outstanding student has been selected from each academic division at Buffalo Grove High School to be honored as the November Student of the Month.

Tom Mroz, CTE teacher, is honored to nominate student of the month Cody Kipley.  Mroz states that Kipley “is an active student in the business department here at BG. He has taken Honors College Accounting and currently is in Honors College Business.  His work and study habits are excellent in all of his course work” . In addition to his excellent grades and habits, Cody also participates in the DECA program and has shown success over the last two years. Mroz continues, “Cody placed 1st at the DECA Regional Competition and 1st place at the DECA District Competition in the role play of Restaurant and Food Management.  It is with great pleasure to recommend Cody as November’s student of the month in CTE.  He has definite career goals in mind, and is now finalizing his decision on what institution he wants to attend to meet his business aspirations in professional sales and marketing.  Congrats Cody, and stay balanced!”

The World Languages/Social Sciences/English Language Learners division has chosen Timur Simon, proudly nominated by Division Head Barbara Meyer. This is Timur’s second year in the EL program. Meyer says, “Timur is one of the nicest, most respectful, and hardest working students we have had the pleasure to work with. He is always prepared for class and consistently strives to do his best in all his classes. He is truly interested in learning and improving his English skills. Timur works well with all his peers and is a wonderful role model for our other EL students.  Many staff members nominated him for this honor.”

Junior trumpeter and vocalist Janelle Finton has been proudly nominated by Music Directors Elizabeth Bennett, Henry Kappler, and Debora Utley.  Choral Director Utley says, “Janelle Finton is an unparalleled talent for all three of our music programs: Choir, Band and Orchestra.  She is a diligent musician who never rests on her natural abilities.  She is constantly striving for excellence.  Janelle’s drive is a fantastic influence on all around her to strive for their best.”  Additionally, Janelle has earned a top honor in the nation, and will be participating in the National Association for Music Education’s (NAfME) 2017 All-National Honor Ensembles November 26-29, 2017, at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.  BGHS Director of Bands, Henry Kappler, describes Janelle’s accomplishments, “Janelle was selected as one of the top high school trumpet players in Illinois last year, performing first as a top trumpet player in the Illinois Music Educator Association's District 7 Honor Band and then with the Illinois Music Educator Association's All-State Honors Band. She was then given the opportunity to audition for this national ensemble by video audition. Her selection to this ensemble is a testament to her excellent musicianship and incredible work ethic.”  Kappler continues to describe Janelle as, “a serious musician, student, and leader, as she elevates the level of all musicians around her. It continues to be an honor to be her band director, she continues to leave an impact on the bands at Buffalo Grove High School that will last for many years.”

PE Teacher and Boys Athletic Director Christopher North nominated Ryan Fulmer.  North says, “Ryan goes about completing his assignments like an absolute professional.  His attendance is perfect, he is always on time and he is always prepared for class.  He has an exceptional attitude - positive in every respect.  He has worked to perfect his techniques in everything we do from our warm up flexibility sequence through each exercise and our core work at the end of each class, Ryan is spot on with every rep.  His effort on our CV trying days puts him at the front of the pack on each set.   His work helps to influence other students to continue striving toward constant and consistent improvement.  His performance through 11 weeks of the first semester is impressive and should be commended.”

Matthew Kryczka is the Math/Science honoree.  Nominated by teacher David Garst, he states that “Matt is a very hard-working student in AP Statistics who puts others at ease in his groups and helps out many students frequently.  I recently challenged the class with a very tough problem and Matt went above and beyond to write a simulation using Java script to estimate the probability with his computer programing skills.  His use of various tools in solving statistical problems is to be commended and I can’t wait to see where his hard work takes him in the future!”
On behalf of the Student Services department, teacher Toni Genova has nominated Giselle Ocampo for Student of the Month.  Ms. Genova says that Giselle “has made a significant amount of progress since last year and has demonstrated great success.   In addition, she has moved up levels is several of her classes.”  Congratulations, Giselle!
Finally, the November Staff Member of the month is Toni Genova.  Nominated by the Student Services department, they boast that, “Ms. Genova goes above and beyond to not only support the students on her caseload but continually takes a leadership role within the department and school.  She is extremely mindful of all factors that influence student achievement and works to meet the unique needs of each of her students.  Her positive approach to problem-solving for her students and our school has been an invaluable asset to the BGHS community.”

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