Gallery Events




"Church" by Trevor Reisz

EVENT NAME: Photography by Trevor Reisz

EVENT DATE(S):  Reception March 5, 6-7:30 p.m. (Displayed through April 12, 2016)


Local photographer Trevor Reisz will be showing his photographs and paintings at Buffalo Grove High School's One Grove Gallery, with an opening reception on Saturday, March 5, from 6:00 pm to 7:30pm.

From being a staff photographer at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, to photography instructor for UCLA and a Nikon School Instructor, Trevor's career in photography has spanned several decades and has allowed him the privilege of meeting and working with some noted names in photography like Edwin Land of Polaroid, Ansel Adams, Yousef Karsh, Eddie Adams, Neil Liefer, Freeman Patterson, and some National Geographic photographers.  Recently, he has also begun painting as a new creative outlet.  "Painting is just an expression of 'freedom' where I just let things happen and evolve. For me, painting and photography are totally different mediums, approaches, experiences and goals."

Trevor will be speaking to classes and judging the work of District 214 photography students in the Arts Unlimited 214 Photo Contest, on display in the BGHS library from March 9-18. Trevor will also be available for questions, and discussion, in the gallery the evening of BGHS Orchestra's "PEACE" concert on Thursday, March 10 from 6:00 pm until the concert start time of 7:00 pm.  The gallery show will continue through April 12. For more information, please contact Buffalo Grove Arts Unlimited Coordinator Michelle Price at



EVENT NAME: Gary Drake

EVENT DATE(S):  Opening in May

FEATURED ARTISTS: Gary Drake received a BFA in drawing and sculpture from the University of Iowa and an MA in sculpture from Northern Illinois University. He also studied children’s book illustration at Rhode Island School of Design. He taught Studio Art in High School District 214 for 35 years. Since his retirement in 2008 he spends his time painting, sculpting, and making furniture. His work is represented by Ann Tower Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky. 


You are involved with a process of making marks which create images. These marks can serve to represent a reality but, more importantly, are a reality in themselves. A line can represent the edge of a bottle, but the line, in just being a line, is as important as the representation. To sit in class idly doodling pictures of nothing is a natural activity; it is something which is native to us all. While it may reflect our boredom, it also shows our natural need to make marks. As artists, we should revel in the joy of making these marks and in the beauty of the marks themselves. You are part of a lineage of mark makers that goes back before there were written words. The paintings done on the walls of caves thousands of years ago were done for spiritual and cultural reasons, but it’s hard to believe that there wasn’t a joy in just making the marks. Today we should find that same joy in making our marks.  

No matter the level of competence of the mark maker, there is always a process of discovery with every image we create. Before pencil ever touches paper we have a picture in our mind. Sometimes the images created fall short of the image in our heads; sometimes they exceed our mental images, but they never are a perfect match to the image we set out to make. Instead of being frustrated by this disparity, we should appreciate the evolution from idea to finished product. 

The creative process can be hard work, but it shouldn’t be labor. It should force us out of our comfort zone; challenging us to explore and grow. It should also occasionally make the artist smile. Every once in a while you will amaze yourself with what you have accomplished. That’s the payoff.



EVENT NAME: BGHS Senior Art Show 2015-16

EVENT DATE(S):  Opening Reception December 15, 2015 at 7pm


DESCRIPTION: Annual display of senior student art




EVENT NAME: In One Moment

EVENT DATE(S): December 3-11


LANDSCAPE: Nya Carr, Ryan Edgar, Kim Fraga, Marc Gonzalez, Darrion Hill, Elise Malin, Jim Trieb, Robby Wolf

PATTERNS AND LINES: Bri Archer, Collin Dekorsi, Matt Donoghue, Lorena Hernandez, Elise Malin, Tyler Rundquist, Maysun Tho

PORTRAITURE: George Acker, Kacper Aniecko, Karina Calderon, Evelyn Fornagiel, Viridiana Garcia, Eric Maciel, Jitzel Melgoza, Emily Ray, Hannah Raymundo, Marcus Ruiz, Nora Turnowski, Jasmine Gaeta

LIGHTING: Vanessa Adrovel, Arely Delgado, Jenny Dolas, Matt Donoghue, Daniela Gonzalez, Jessica Guel, Kyla McCabe, Galilea Miranda, Jessy Syed, Hailey Szydlowski, Alize Tseitlin, Katryn Tsvirko, Danny Zickert

DESCRIPTION: A character exists within the environment of the stage just as a subject moves within the confines of the photographer’s viewfinder. In both the BG Theatre program’s winter play, Almost, Maine and the Photography program’s fall field trip to Chicago, students bring to life the moments that take place within a single day. In this exhibition of images taken by Photo One students, we invite you to take a moment to contemplate the congruities that exist between the mediums of theater and photography.  student curators: Paige Alvarado, Sabrina Guercio, Dylan DeWitt, Lynnette Hartwell, Alyssa Dichoso, Brenda Hogan, Daniel Ferriss, Sydney Larson, Matthew Goodmanson, Taylor Leggs, Joseph Graziano, Kailee Tasca

In the Moment is a collaboration between the theater and photography students that highlights the commonalities between the two disciplines. The show features approximately 40 Photo one students' work from their field trip to Chicago. The theater and AP Photo students were in charge of every aspect of this show, from the written pieces explaining the concepts to the viewer, to choosing and displaying the artwork and various props in the gallery. The gallery will be open during lunch periods or if you wish to bring your class in during another time please email and we will make arrangements.



EVENT NAME: Map Making - Book Release Poetry Reading

EVENT DATE(S): November 18, 2015, 3:15-4:00pm

FEATURED ARTISTS: Ms. Kate Hutchinson

DESCRIPTION: The EFA takes pride in congratulating Kate Hutchinson upon the release of her newest book, Map Making, Poems of Land and Identity. Please join us as we celebrate this milestone with Kate. She will be reading and signing this latest volume of poetry on Wednesday, November 18th from 3:15 - 4:00 in One Grove Gallery in the Theater.



EVENT NAME: One Grove Gallery Grand Opening

EVENT DATE(S): October 10, 2015, 5-8pm

FEATURED ARTISTS: Marta Chernova, Rizza Dulay, Luis Galvez, Courtney Klimowicz, Laura Krause, Matt Kugelman, Diana Lu Barabe, Kalina Murat, Josh Olszowka, Allison Reisz, Conrad Weres, Scott Westgard

DESCRIPTION: Features the work of BGHS Alumni. Please stop by for our reception in the theater foyer with music provided by BGHS Orchestra students. One Grove Gallery is a lovely space which will provide countless opportunities for our students to experience the arts.