Buffalo Grove High School Chamber Choir Named Grand Champions at 2018 Chicagoland Showcase


Buffalo Grove High School’s Chamber Choir captured the Grand Championship title at Hersey High School’s 2018 Chicagoland Showcase Choir Competition on Friday, March 2, 2018. The Chamber Choir also claimed “Best Choir of the Day.”  The BGHS Chamber Choir is a mixed choir made up of 21 singers directed by the school’s Vocal Director, Debora Utley.  Singers include Henry Allan, Lidija Babic, Christian Bellantuono, Kayce Drevline, Janelle Finton, Samantha Goodmanson, Nathan Hernandez, Tristan Klein, Courtney Lee, Jasmine Luethy, Audrey Marshall, Braulio Muro, Trevor North, Brooke Oglesbee, Ishan Patel, CJ Puga, Chris Rodriguez, Michael Seyller, Lily Shane, Mia Shiakallis and Elizabeth Winter.

Also receiving recognition was Buffalo Grove High School’s Men's Chorale won 2nd runner up at the Competition and was awarded "Best Resonance."  Men’s Chorale is comprised of students Henry Allan, Christian Bellantuono, Patrick Conlon, Ryan Eriksen, Drew Goldberg, Mitchell Guittar, Sebastian Gutierrez, Nathan Hernandez, Tristan Klein, Trevor North, Ishan Patel, Ian Peckham, CJ Puga, Chris Rodriguez and Michael Seyller.

Finally, the Buffalo Grove Bel Canto Treble Choir was awarded 3rd runner up in the competition and was recognized as having "Best Discipline and Focus."  Bel Canto Treble Choir consists of students Lidija Babic, Yael Dohn, Kelly Fisher, Angelina Higgins, Kathryn Larson, Audrey Marshall, Michelle Monsivais, Brooke Oglesbee, Katie Schickel, Alex Washer and Elizabeth Winter.

For more information about the Buffalo Grove High School Choral Program contact Director Debora Utley.  Additionally, the various Choirs are performing throughout the remainder of the 17-18 school year as listed below:

Friday, March 16, 7pm • Jazz Showcase, BGHS

Tuesday, March 20, 7:30pm • Music Department
Pick-Staiger Concert, Northwestern

Wednesday, May 9, 7pm • Choral Pop Spectacular

Tuesday, May 22, 7pm • Spring Choral Concert


Contact: Debora Utley, Choir Director, Buffalo Grove High School, Debora.utley@d214.org

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