BGHS Winter Play Available 7pm December 11

BGHS Winter Play Available at 7pm December 11!!!

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The BGHS Theater Arts Program is proud to premier Stuck Here Together, tonight at 7:00 pm through the BG Network Vimeo page. Listen to this original radio play written and performed by our talented BGHS students The play is directed by Ms. Lauren Stenzel along with Technical Director, Mr. Phil Tschammer.

Synopsis: Stuck Here Together will keep you cuddled under your favorite blanket as Lou and Cheryl, a pair of grandparents, and their grandchildren, Noah, David, and Rachel, take you on a road trip through the great state of Illinois. These grandparents know how to travel and decide that Illinois is the best place to unplug from your phone and just listen to the voices on the radio. Their grandchildren, reluctantly resign to their rule. You will be entertained by new contemporary stories written and performed by BG students.  Your heartstrings will be pulled as you listen to the real words of those who have lived here and experienced the changes our great state has endured.  You will laugh at the unfortunate Illinoisans who have been charged with crimes due to the "Wacky Laws" in some towns.  And, you may hear from a former president.  Plus, loads more!  All the work is original and allows the audience to sit back, unplug our eyes from a screen, and enjoy the stories that unfold. 

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