BGHS Theater Arts Program Stages Funniest Farce Ever Written This December


The Buffalo Grove High School Theater Arts Program is pleased to present their 2018 Winter Play, Michael Frayn’s Noises Off, which the New York Post declares “The funniest farce ever written!” This delightful play takes the stage on Friday & Saturday, December 14 & 15 at 7:00pm.  Tickets are just $7.00, and are available for purchase online at and at the door while supplies last.

Noises Off is a hilarious farce in three acts showing the behind the scenes chaos in the rehearsals and touring performance of the play within the play, "Nothing On". Each of the three acts of Noises Off contains a performance of the first act of the bedroom farce in which characters run about in their nightgowns, fumbling and bumbling is the norm, and doors continually slam. "Nothing On" is set in a delightful 16th-century posset mill modernized by the current owners and available to lodgers while they are abroad.

Act One of Noises Off is set at the technical rehearsal at the (fictional) Grand Theatre in Weston-super-Mare; It is midnight, the night before the first performance and the cast are hopelessly unready. Baffled by entrances and exits, missed cues, missed lines, and bothersome props, including several plates of sardines, they drive Lloyd, their director, into a seething rage and back several times during the run.

Act Two shows a Wednesday matinee performance one month later, at the (fictional) Theatre Royal in Ashton-under-Lyne. In this act, the play is seen from backstage, providing a view that emphasizes the deteriorating relationships between the cast. Romantic rivalries, lovers' tiffs and personal quarrels lead to offstage shenanigans, onstage bedlam and the occasional attack with a fire axe.

In Act Three, we see a performance near the end of the ten-week run, at the (fictional) Municipal Theatre in Stockton-on-Tees. Relationships between the cast have soured considerably, the set is breaking down and props are winding up in the wrong hands, on the floor, and in the way. The actors remain determined at all costs to cover up the mounting chaos, but it is not long before the plot has to be abandoned entirely.  An intricate comedy of errors completes the disastrous run of "Nothing On".

Noises Off is Directed by Ms. Lauren Stenzel,  with Costume & Makeup by Ms. Debbie Andres, Tech Direction by Mr. Phillip Tschammer, Tech Director Intern is Michael Leahy, Set Design by Mr. Eric Garneau, and Set Design Intern Lucie Greene (BGHS alum).

The Buffalo Grove High School Winter Play features a skilled and hard-working student cast and production staff. The cast features Tristan Klein as Lloyd Dallas, Carly Colen as Dotty, Antonio Laverd as Garry, Jasmine Luethy as Brooke, Lily Shane as Poppy, Adam Shane as Frederick, Kayce Drevline as Belinda, Drew Goldberg as Tim, and Philip Banks as Selsdon. 

Junior Laurel Hart serves the production as Stage Manager with counterpart Assistant to the Director and BGHS senior Lauren Clarke. Production assistants include Hannah Greenspan, Samantha Macauley, and Zoey Heinrich. The Costume & Makeup Crew features students Carol Heiberger, Zoyia Khan, Itzel Segura, Ariell Davis, Krista Ploger, Celia Cortopassi, and CJ Puga. 

The Tech Crew includes students Jason Barnett, Katherine Baumeister, Ryan Bayliss, Elizabeth Brick, Charles Buehler, Peter Buehler, Alex Chamedyuk, Natalia Cichon, Celia Cortopassi, Sonia Cristoltean, Sonia Cristoltean, Ariell Davis, Fiona Degrazia, Ethan Ernst, Allison Feder, Victoria Gauza, Kennedy Gerber, Melissa Gibbs, Ryan Gledhill, Jett Haas, Laurel Hart, Alena Heath, Aadya Jain, Ximena Jaramillo Mata, Patrick Joy, Michael Keeley, Kaitlyn Koblas, Anish Konakalla, Kasper Latawiec, Hannah Lavelle, Angella Lee, Kailin Lugo, Michael Meschbach, Serafina Petrusek, Krista Ploger, Brandon Puga, Melanie Reitman, William Ruppert, Phoebe Rusch, Sandy Santos, Emily Schuler, Iliyana Sedyankova, Diego Serratos, Jenefer Shin, Megan Snow, Ryan Staehle, Kimberly Stuercke, Katrin Svadlena, and Avery Weissman.

Be sure to enjoy a performance of this most enjoyable show on either Friday or Saturday, December 14 or 15 at 7:00pm.  Tickets are just $7.00, and are available for purchase online at and at the door while supplies last.

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