At BGHS the New Year Begins by Recognizing Students and Staff of the Month

At Buffalo Grove High School, the New Year has begun by honoring a student from each academic division as the January Student of the Month.

Sean Murrin, CTE teacher, is honored to nominate student of the month senior Benjamin Carnes. Murrin says, “Ben is a second-year auto student taking the Diagnostic Auto class.  He is a hardworking student who never seeks attention but just wants to get the job done correctly. Ben is a student that can be trusted to work independently as well as be a leader in group projects.”  Mr. Murrin continues by adding, “Ben has become very good at welding and has even helped other students learn to weld. He is very active in auto club and just enjoys learning how thing work.  I wish Ben the very best as he pursues a career as a firefighter.”

The World Languages/Social Sciences/English Language Learners division has selected junior  Ghassan Shahatit.  Nominating Mandarin/Chinese teacher Caili Chiu says, “Ghassan is in Honors Mandarin Chinese 4 at BG.  He not only excels in the Chinese language within the classroom, but also exhibits leadership skills outside of the classroom.  As President of the Chinese Cultural Club, Gus has demonstrated excellent leadership and communication skills in planning and organizing events, inspiring all to work together in unity joyfully, and sharing his passion for Chinese language and culture with everyone. We proudly recommend him for this honor!”

Freshman Evelyn Castrejon has been proudly nominated by teachers Jeff Grybash and Kevin Miller from the English/Fine Arts division.  The teachers boast, “Over the first semester, Evelyn has demonstrated an unparalleled work ethic and determination to better herself and put herself in a position to move out of Prep Written and Oral Composition. She achieved an A for the semester, but what really sticks out is Evelyn’s ability to work independently, collaboratively, and exceed the stringent requirements. The most effective example of this, would be Evelyn’s final for Prep Written and Oral. It was an 8-10 minute Prezi Presentation on the dangers of Pet Stores and Puppy Mills.  Evelyn and her partner feverishly researched the topic on the Web, but they went above and beyond when they visited a local pet store. Thoroughly toured the premises, these ladies took photos and videos and incorporated their findings into their presentation.”  Mr. Grybash and Miller conclude by adding, “Taking Pride in one’s work is starting to become archaic as we continue to look for ways to circumvent the traditional approach of hard work and grit. Evelyn Castrejon is one of the most impressive young women at BG. Se is humble, curious, and caring.”

The Physical Education/Health/Driver's Education department proudly selected senior Julia Block as their student of the month.  P.E and Dance teacher Jamie Domaracki is pleased to nominate this fine student.  Domaracki states that Julia is a “great Student! She works hard in class and works to motivate others.”  The praise continues with, “Julia invests in her physical fitness and is dedicated in her workouts. She is a great role model!”

Sophomore Andrew Mieloszyk is the Math/Science honoree.  Nominated by teacher Tom Cooney, he writes, “Andrew has truly embraced Geometry in Construction.  He works hard during math lessons and construction lessons.”  Furthermore, Cooney notes that, “When Andrew is finished with his work, whether it be during math or construction days, he is always asking what else could be done or helping others in the room who might be struggling.”

For this month Student Services Staff Member, Jeff Siegal, is pleased to nominate junior Kendra Lintner as student of the month.  Siegal explains, “Kendra is a hard worker.  Someone who always comes to class prepared.”  He continues, “Kendra is an absolute pleasure to have in class and works well with her peers.  She is a leader in the classroom!”

Finally, the January Staff Member of the month is Maria Dzien.  The World Languages/Social Sciences/English Language Learners division proudly states, “Maria is one of the most dedicated, compassionate, and caring people we know. She always has the best interest of the students at heart and will move mountains, if necessary, to make sure the students, needs are met. Maria loves what she does and it is evident every day.  Maria gives generously and freely of her time and herself to help make our division an enjoyable place to work. She will do anything to help out a colleague, lighten someone’s load, or lift someone’s spirits. Maria is kind, generous, and a person to be admired!”


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