April 2018 Students and Staff of the Month Honored at Buffalo Grove

An outstanding student has been selected from each academic division at Buffalo Grove High School to be honored as the April Student of the Month.

Jeff Bott, CTE teacher and Division Head, is honored to nominate freshman student of the month Aryahi Deorukhkar.  “Aryahi is an extremely bright, mature, hardworking, and most importantly, kind young adult.  She is a stand-out student in the Project Lead the Way - Introduction to Engineering
Course.”  Mr. Bott continues, “She has a thirst for knowledge that helps drive her strong work habits.  The other students in class look towards Aryahi for help and support.  She is continually looking for
enrichment activities that will help expand her knowledge.  She has a bright future at BGHS
and we are looking forward to seeing her in more engineering courses in the years to come.”

The World Languages/Social Sciences/English Language Learners division has chosen senior Daria Mieloszyk.  Nominating teacher Danielle Ossman says, “Daria is the student of the month due to her diligent preparation and hard work in AP Spanish Language and Culture all year long. Daria can be found participating on a daily basis in class, always striving to incorporate new vocabulary and make cultural connections. She is willing to share her own culture while being respectful of and inquisitive about others. Daria frequently comes in to work on her writing and work one-on-one to improve.”  Ossman continues, “She has come and helped tutor in the lower levels and assisted with Spanish 2 students as they worked through an AP-style debate. When I think of the definition of hard working, Daria is my definition. I am extremely proud of her efforts and how far she has come this year.”

Kristi Tognarelli, a senior in the English/Fine Arts Division, has been proudly nominated by teacher Matthew Branham.  “Kristi Tognarelli has been a member of the yearbook staff for 3 years.  As a sophomore, she joined yearbook and gradually gained knowledge and confidence to make her a leader among the staff.  Junior year Kristi was co-editor and made tremendous strides in her own maturity to become a valuable member and someone that was an looked upon by other staff members for advice and guidance.”  Branham notes that,  “This year, as a senior, Kristi has taken the role of editor-in- chief head on and made the yearbook a priority in her life to ensure all students will benefit from the final product.”

The Physical Education/Health/Driver's Education department selected sophomore Frank Adams as their student of the month.  Teacher Mike Naughton is pleased to nominate this fine student and states, “Frank is an excellent example of what to look for in a great student.  Frank is a kind individual that encourages his peers and treats them all with respect.”  Mr. Naughton continues, stating, “He is great in the classroom, completing all school work effectively, demonstrates higher-order thinking, and participates whenever there is an opportunity.  Frank’s enthusiasm and leadership is contagious, he exudes charisma in everything he does.  I would like to thank Frank for all that he does as a student, I know he will be very successful moving forward.”

Sophomore Anna Wymoczyl is the Math/Science honoree.  Nominated by teacher Ronda Whippo, she writes, “Anna Wymoczyl is currently in my Honors Advanced Algebra class. She is an asset to class as she comes on time and prepared daily with a positive attitude and growth mindset. Anna participates in class discussions, asks clarifying questions, and is always willing to help a peer.”  Finally, Ms. Whippo compliments Anna by stating, “Anna is a model student and a role model for her peers!”

For April, Student Services teacher Kim Gach, is pleased to nominate sophomore Angelina Felipe as student of the month.  Gach explains, “Angelina Felipe is a sophomore at Buffalo Grove High School where she is a member of the bowling and badminton teams.  On the playing field and off she is known for her kind and helpful nature.”  The praise continues, “She is actively engaged in class and always tries to perform to the best of her abilities.  She takes pride in her academic growth, achievements, and is a role model to others.  She is quick to volunteer to assist anyone in need.”

Finally, the April Staff Member of the Month is Betsey Goldenberg.  Her colleagues share, “For 23 years Betsy has helped to mold the minds of our Little Bison. Her impact on the preschoolers is priceless. We have current Buffalo Grove students that still talk about how wonderful Mrs. “Golden” is. The students always love her field trips and special events in the school.”  The praise continues for the retiring teacher, “She has made each one of the Little Bison feel unique and appreciated with the “Star of the week.” She will be sorely missed next year.”


Contact: Assoc. Principal Jill Maraldo, (847)718-4014, jill.maraldo@d214.org

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