English and Fine Arts

Students have a core English curriculum that they must take over their four years at Buffalo Grove High School and they may also choose from a range of electives. As freshman, students take a course in written and oral communication and then, the following year, they move on to a course in literature and composition, rounding out the foundation for all of the more advanced classes. Electives include creative and journalistic writing courses, various niche literature courses, as well as acting, speech, and yearbook. Students must earn a minimum of four units of credit in English to graduate from BGHS.


Students are only required to take a single Fine Arts course during their time at BGHS but they have the opportunity to take many more using their elective flexibility. The Fine Arts course catalog includes opportunities to explore drawing, studio art, sculpture, photography, chorus, band, and orchestra. Students must pass a course that meets the district's fine arts requirement to graduate from BGHS.