Career Education

All off campus courses require a completed application form. Applications will be screened to determine the best placements based on our limited number of seats.  Filling out an application does not guarantee a spot in the program.

Students choosing to drive to any off campus locations for class are required to fill out an Insurance Obligation Form at the time of registration.

PDF Insurance Obligation Form

High School District 214 pays the student's Harper tuition, but some programs require purchase of equipment or uniforms. Off campus programs include those listed below and the Harper classes listed in the next section.

  • 06191 - Practical Architectural Construction (PAC) full year at construction site
  • 06741 - Computer Repair A+ Certification full year at JHHS
  • 06750 - CISCO Networking Basics fall at JHHS
  • 06760 - CISCO Routers and Routing Basics spring at JHHS
  • 06771/06772 - Nail Technology
  • 06791 - Power-On-Site Training (POST) unpaid intern at auto repair shop
  • 06781/06782 - Cosmetology
  • 06830 - Teacher Intern Program fall and/or spring


Grades 11, 12       Full Year      1 H.S. Credit per semester        Limited Enrollment
Prerequisites:  High motivation; Good attendance and behavior record; BGHS Application Form.  Enrollment subject to Coordinator review.

PAC Application Form

Class Times:  Two hours daily, usually Section 1, from 7:40-9:40 a.m. at the construction site.  (Contact the Coordinator if the student needs to enroll in Section 2 or Section 3:  10:30-12:30 or 12:40-2:40.)
Fees:  Students are responsible for buying basic carpentry tools and a tool belt.
Transportation:  Cab transportation to the site is provided upon request.
Course Description:  This course provides students with actual on site work experience in the construction trades as they build a single family residence each year.  Students experience every stage of the home building process and learn to utilize the tools of carpentry and related trades.  A primary concern of the program is a safe work environment, so ability to follow instructions is a must.  Participation and work ethic are major components of each student’s grade.
Related High School Classes:  Technical Drawing and Architectural Design classes.
Career Outcomes:  The course will benefit students who wish to investigate careers in the building trades, architecture, construction management, or design work.


Grades 9-12     Full Year   .75 H.S. Credit per semester        Limited enrollment
Student receives articulated college credit upon completion of course and enrollment at Harper.
Prerequisites: 903, 906 or Division Head Approval; Good reading skills; Good attendance and behavior record.  Recommended for average to above average students. 
Enrollment subject to Coordinator review.

Computer Repair A+ Application

Class Times:  60 minutes daily, usually Section 1, from 7:20-8:20 a.m. at John Hersey H.S.  Contact the Coordinator if the student needs to enroll in Section 2 from 9:25-10:25 a.m. or Section 3 from 11:05 a.m.-12:05 p.m.
Fee:  Exam fees of $72 each for A+ Essentials and IT Technician exams.  (Exams optional)
Transportation:  Cab transportation is provided.
Course Description: Computer Repair A+ is a two semester PC based course designed to cover the following subjects:  microcomputer fundamentals, PC hardware, Microsoft operating systems, troubleshooting, processors, system board devices, input/output devices, optical storage, video displays, printers, multimedia, networking, installation, configuration, upgrading, and diagnosing.  Extensive reading, interpretation of data, and application of repair principles is required.
Further Education:  District 214 Computer Networking Program:  Courses #06750 - CISCO Networking Basics and #06760  - CISCO Routers and Routing Basics.  STUDENTS MAY TAKE COMPUTER REPAIR A+ CONCURRENTLY WITH CISCO.
Career Outcomes:   Students who successfully complete the program will have the opportunity to sit for the industry recognized A+ Computer Repair Certification Exam, which qualifies them as PC computer repair technicians.


  •  This program requires motivation, willingness to do "hands-on" work, and good reading ability.
  •  Grades in previous computer or technical courses will be a major consideration for eligibility for the program, as will good attendance and behavior.
  •  BGHS students are scheduled for Section 1 from 7:20-8:20 a.m. unless there is a reason for an exception.


Grades 11, 12 1 semester - FALL only .75 H.S. Credit per semester Limited enrollment Student receives articulated college credit upon completion of course and enrollment at Harper.
Prerequisites: C in 06741. Enrollment subject to Coordinator review.

Cisco Application

Class Times: From 8:25 - 9:25 a.m. at John Hersey H.S.
Transportation: Cab Transportation is provided.
Course Description: This is the first semester of a two course sequence in computer networking sequence. It replaces NetPrep I at Harper and is designed to provide students with classroom and laboratory experiences in current and emerging networking technology. Topics will include networking, terminology, protocols, cabling, network standards, setting up LAN, WAN, Ethernet basics, network administrator duties, etc. The content is regulated by industry standards and provides hands-on opportunities for learning.
Further Education: 06760 at JHHS.


Grades 11, 12  1 semester - SPRING only  .75 H.S. Credit per semester                 
Limited enrollment - Student receives articulated college credit upon completion of course and enrollment at Harper.

Prerequisites:  C in 06750
Transportation:  Cab is provided.
Class Times:  From 8:25 to 9:25 a.m. at John Hersey H.S.
Course Description:   This course is the second semester in the District 214 computer networking sequence.  It replaces NetPrep II at Harper.
Further Education:  Students who successfully complete 06750 and 06760 will be eligible to continue their education in the Harper College NetPrep networking program for an additional certificate.  
Career Outcomes:  The course content is regulated by industry standards.  The focus will be on empowering students for immediate career and/or further study and training in the computer networking field.  Successful completion of 06705 and 06760 will result in eligibility to apply for the industry recognized CISCO Networking Level I Certificate.


Grades 11, 12 Full Year 1 H.S. Credit per semester
Prerequisites: 06061; Motivation; Interview with Coordinator; Completion of BGHS and Dist. 214 Application Forms; Interview with Work Site Supervisor; Good attendance and behavior record. Enrollment subject to Coordinator review.
Class Times: Students must attend two hours daily at individually scheduled times (usually afternoon).
Transportation: Will be the responsibility of the student.
Course Description: This unpaid internship program provides technical automotive training and shop work at a commercial enterprise under the direction of a service manager. The training experience includes two hours of work each day with an experienced mechanic or parts person employed by the place of business. The Program Coordinator will place students, as well as monitor their progress.
Career Outcomes: Students investigate automotive shop careers while learning basic job skills.

06781/06782 COSMETOLOGY

Grade:  12            1.5 H.S. Credits per semester                        Limited enrollment

Prerequisites:  Students must be highly motivated, hold a GPA of at least 3.0 (C average) or higher, be at least 16 years of age, and uphold good attendance and appropriate behavior.  Students must be enrolled as a full-time student in their home school, complete an application, and pass all written tests with a minimum of 75%.  Students participating in early graduation are not permitted in this program.  Since cosmetology has a limited enrollment, if the number of applicants exceeds the limit, your home school has the right to select those students who are best qualified.  Late submission of this application may mean that a student cannot enroll because the course is closed.  They need to attend a mandatory evening open house in early spring.  Lastly, due to the time commitment required for this program, it is recommended that students not hold outside jobs.

Cosmetology Application/Information


Grades 11,12 .5 H.S. Credit per Semester Limited Enrollment
Maximum of 2 semesters (1 credit) in this program.
Prerequisites:Interview with Coordinator; Application Process; (B average); Good attendance and behavior record. Enrollment subject to coordinator review.

Note on Enrollment: Students will be enrolled in the order in which the Coordinator receives their completed Applications.
Class Times: Daily attendance. Time will vary depending on schedule of the student and the teacher.
Transportation: Students working at elementary or middle schools must provide their own transportation or walk to Longfellow School.
Course Description: This program is designed for students who wish to explore a career in education. It is similar to a student teaching experience, in that interns perform a variety of tasks representative of the daily activities of a teacher, including large or small group instruction, preparation of instructional materials, and clerical tasks. Interns may choose to work with a certified teacher at BGHS or at a local elementary or middle school.
Career Outcomes: Serves as a pre-practicum for students considering teaching as a profession.
NOTE: See Program Guidelines for additional information.


Any class taught at Harper College is a Dual Credit Course, which means the student can receive both high school and college credit simultaneously. Click below to read answers to frequently asked questions concerning Harper College Dual Credit Courses.

Students who enroll in Harper classes should be self-motivated and have good attendance records.

High School District 214 pays the student's Harper tuition, but some programs require purchase of equipment or uniforms.

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