AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory is an advanced course taught at Buffalo Grove High School by Ms. Elizabeth Bennett.  The course is intended for those students serious about learning the specifics of music creation, performance, and understanding.  It is the perfect course for students planning on continuing in music beyond their high school years — whether majoring, minoring, or simply being part of a musical element.  The course is open to seniors and eligible juniors.  Students in a performance ensemble meet the prerequisite for the course, and students not in a performance ensemble must speak to the teacher prior to signing up to get approval.

The course is taught using a digital curriculum and is on the cutting edge of technology.  Students are issued iPads to use for the year, and they use the iPad each day in class, have access to the class website as well as necessary apps and more.

Please contact Ms. Elizabeth Bennett if you have any questions.

Click here to visit the Class Site for assignments, links, and more information.