2018-2019 Second Semester Students & Staff of the Month Honored at Buffalo Grove

Outstanding students and staff of Buffalo Grove High School have been selected from each academic division at Buffalo Grove High School throughout the second semester.  These students and staff were honored at quarterly breakfasts honoring the nominees.

In CTE the following were honored:

Victor Torres - Nominated by Ronna Pflanz 
Victor is a third year culinary student, and currently an Independent Study ProStart student.  Victor is constantly challenging himself in the culinary field, hoping to advance his skills before entering the culinary college of his choice.  While most students stick with what is easy and simple, Victor is choosing what is new, difficult and challenging. 

Victor is also, one of the most caring, dedicated students I have worked ever worked with.  He is always the first student to help out another one, the first to grab some towels and help them clean their dishes, or the first to grab a broom and sweep the floors.  Victor is a true "team-player" and his classmates rely upon him and love him for that.

Victor also cares about all his classmates, and treats them like family. He looks out for everyone and puts their needs first.  It is a refreshing pleasure to have a student entering the adult world with such warmth, care and concern for others and such a tremendous work ethic to learn and challenge themselves.  I am so excited to see where Victor will succeed in his next phase of his life.

Lauren Horvath - Nominated by Sean Murrin
Lauren is a senior that has taken a large portion of the CTE courses that Buffalo Grove offers.  Lauren is a very good role model for her fellow classmates as well as other students in the CTE classes.  Lauren has also participated in the robotics club for four years where she has gone above and beyond her duties as a teammate.  Lauren is not afraid of any challenge that comes her way.  She will be leaving a great legacy of hard work and determination when she graduates this year.  It is because of all of these excellent traits and many others that have helped seal her spot for this month’s student of the month. 

Gabriella Goldstsein - Nominated by Tom Mroz
Gabriella knows her debits and credits! She is well on her way to becoming an outstanding business student as she pursues a degree in business next Fall.  Gabriella was a top student in Honors College-Level Principles of Business her junior year and currently is excelling in Honors College-Level Financial Accounting.  She participated in DECA, our business club, and has constantly been one the top students that her peers will seek out for help in class.  Understanding the language of business is no easy task, but Gabriella has a clear understanding of accounting and the information it provides.  

In Math/Science the following were honored:

Joel Moreno Pedraza - Nominated by Paige Fullhart 
Joel is an exceptional student that is in my general biology class. I have never met a student more dedicated than Joel.  Joel transferred into BG and very quickly stood out as an incredibly hard working and kind student.  He has been an incredible addition to BG and we are truly blessed to have him here.  On all assignments, Joel does not simply complete them, but does so in manner that is always thorough and detailed.  An example of this would be the prototype that he designed for our STEM Challenge.  Joel designed an innovation that would assist those with vision disorders when objects are close.  He built motion censored glasses that actually detect moving objects nearby and light up to warn those with the vision problem.  He is a true leader and does an amazing job at motivating his team and keeping the creative energy flowing in his STEM group.  I feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to meet Joel this year.  Joel’s dream is to become a veterinarian.  I know without a doubt he will achieve this dream and I plan on bringing my dogs to him when he does!  Joel is truly AMAZING!  

Carlie Michalak - Nominated by Stefanie Ronge
Carlie consistently comes to class with a positive attitude and works hard every day. The biggest reason why she deserves to be student of the month is that even when there is a student in class that is struggling, she will be there to help that student regardless if they "hang-out" or are friends. She shows what leadership should look like in the classroom and is a constant role model to her peers.

In English/Fine Arts the following were honored:

Seth Pomerantz - Nominated by Matthew Branham & Elizabeth Bennett
Mr. Branham:  Seth is a freshmen in my honors written and oral communications class.  Seth is very insightful, always helping drive discussion among his peers.  Seth is someone I can rely on to exhibit maturity and kindness that is often hard to come by at the freshmen level.  I immediately thought of Seth when this nomination came across my email and I am confident he will continue to be a strong leader for the class of 2022.

Mrs. Bennett: Seth is a student who enters the classroom with a smile each day.  This smile is contagious to his classmates and brightens the (already bright!) classroom.  Seth brings positivity to each class period, even when faced with challenges.  He encourages his peers and pushes them and himself to accomplish new goals.  In Orchestra it does not matter where Seth is seated, his leadership shines through to all around him.  He works hard and encourages his peers to do the same!

Serafina Petrusek - Nominated by Anna Schultes and Student Teacher Emma Dazzo
Sera is an excellent student, she is a diligent worker who adds so much to our Freshman WOC class every day. Sera is quick to volunteer or ask an insightful question that truly enriches class discussion. Her ability to think critically and look at an issue through multiple lenses is quite impressive. In addition, her classmates look up to her as a leader and she is always willing to lend a hand. Sera is a joy to have in class!

Madeleine Schanke - Nominated by Ami Relf
Maddie has a lot of passion for learning, and always came to class prepared. Maddie has committed to being a member of the girls’ varsity bowling squad, the badminton team, and track and field, specifically shot put and discus.  Her academic pathway courses include introduction to college education, introduction to teaching methods and practices, and each semester an internship in a special education class working with our down syndrome students. Maddie has been an active participant with the Little Bison, an in-school daycare and preschool, for two years and plans on working with them even after graduation.  It is Maddie’s goal to pursue a career in early childhood education with an emphasis on special education. She is fascinated and intrigued by the working of young children and wants to specifically study early childhood learning disabilities.  I am very proud of Maddie’s achievements and excited to see what her future will hold.  She is well on her way to becoming a thoughtful, compassionate, and altogether interesting person.  I have no doubt that she would contribute greatly to the community; and as an adult, she will give her all to the field of special education.

In World Languages/Social Sciences/English Language Learners Arts the following were honored:

Tyler Oddo - Nominated by Heidi Haen
 In the classroom Tyler is a conscientious student.  He is able to articulate his thoughts into both written and spoken formats very well.  He always feels comfortable voicing his opinions and asking questions in class which I believe to be hallmarks of an excellent student.  He is always an active and engaged class participant.  In addition, he is well read and academically curious. Tyler’s overall mastery of the subject matter, his interest in current events and American history, and his ability to engage the class on a variety of topics makes him a standout in the class. Tyler’s ability to analyze historical documents as well as write in a clear, concise manner all the while truly “understanding” history has made him my nominee for “Student of the Month.”  He is a joy to have in class.

Zugey Olvera - Nominated by Alfonso Cides
Zugey has been a member of the Spanish for Native Speaker program for four years. I have had the opportunity to work with her as her teacher during the last three up to AP Spanish Literature. Although she is a young student, her leadership, intelligence and maturity distinguish her from her classmates.
In the classroom Zugey is well respected by her peers because of her leadership and reliability. Throughout all four years, she has consistently demonstrated stellar effort and worked to the best of her abilities. Her commitment to education is outstanding. Her intelligence and her dedication will assist her in achieving any goals that she may pursue.
I nominate Zugey as the student of the month because she is an excellent student, but most importantly, has demonstrated the tenacity and determination to overcome any challenges that may interfere with her endeavors. She serves as a role model within the Latino community as a bilingual, bicultural and biliterate citizen committed to her education and personal development.
Kaori Matsuzawa - Nominated by Erik Perez Garcia
Kaori is a kind, and very diligent student. She always has a positive and pleasant attitude towards her peers and teachers. Kaoricomes to class ready to learn and participates in class while giving her best effort on work. Her attitude towards learning is always positive regardless if she is participating in class, engaging with a small group, or working independently. She sets a fantastic example for her peers with her work ethic and quiet leadership. For all these reasons and more, I would like to nominate Kaori as the May student of the month.

In Student Services the following were honored:

Dominic Domian - nominated by Kevin Miller
Dominic has been a tremendously hard worker through his four years at Buffalo Grove High School, and his diligence has certainly paid off.  As a participant in our vocational auto program, Dominic was assigned with a job training at a local Ford dealership.  Just three weeks into his training, Dominic was given a formal job offer.  His superiors were particularly impressed with his maturity and ability to problem solve.  These skills have defined his academic career here at Buffalo Grove High School. Dominic currently carries a 3.43 GPA along with exemplary SAT results, attendance, and behavior.  Dominic is a great example of what a student can accomplish if they are consistently focused and reach for high goals.  He has appropriately accessed his supports throughout his career at BG, and he is someone our department should be very proud of.  It is with great pleasure and sincere enthusiasm that I nominate this fine young man for this prestigious award.

Michelle Monsivais - nominated by Amy Silverman
Michelle is truly a pleasure to have in class as she always brings a positive attitude, friendly smile, and kind heart. Michelle is a very responsible student who puts forth her best effort in her academic studies. Michelle is always willing to offer a helping hand to both students and staff. Michelle sets a great example for other students with her maturity and leadership skills. I highly recommend Michelle for Student of the Month!

Brenda Hernandez - nominated by Antonette Genova
I nominate Brenda Hernandez for Student of the Month this month. Brenda has overcome a number of obstacles this school year, and she truly has taken steps to make sure that she is set-up for success this semester and in her future. Brenda is currently passing all of her classes, too. Brenda also is taking Intro to Teaching Methods, so she spends significant time with the Little Bison. 

In PE/Health the following were honored:

Jack Alport - Nominated by William Montemayor
Jack is a perfect example of what we look for in a PE student here at BG. Jack is always prepared for class, participates at a high level no matter what the activity is, and treats his peers with nothing but respect. Jack is very deserving of this award. Congrats, Jack!

Lucas Regina was nominated by Peter Gajzler
Lucas is an incredibly hard working student in Athletic PE. He has not missed a single day of class during 2nd semester and is always on time and prepared to give his best effort. He is a fantastic role model for the class in terms of work ethic and following directions. Lucas is very task focused and has shown great growth in his personal strength and conditioning. Lucas truly demonstrates the qualities of a strong physical education student and is well deserving of this recognition.

Alisa Patel - Nominated by Michelle Carrison
Alisa is a student athlete that continues to be a positive role model in PE.   She continues to work hard and challenges herself by taking Dance each semester.  She works hard on her flexibility and endurance and always encourages others to try hard and do their best!

The following staff members were honored:

Eloy Perales - Nominated by  Tom Arsenau
Eloy Perales is a 1st shift Custodian II (7:00 am to 3:30 pm) here at Buffalo Grove High School. Eloy has proved himself to be very conscientious and has gone above and beyond in his daily tasks. Eloy is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone that needs or asks. You may not have realized that Eloy's main job has been to keep the entire building clean during the 1st shift, deliver all packages, after lunches clean and reset the cafeteria kitchen. Eloy always does a great job and never stops. Eloy is a great member of our custodial staff.

Bill VanBuren - Nominated by Sean Murrin
Not many people know but Bill has been helping to run the Auto Club for 8 years.  He shows up every Wednesday to work with the students and share his knowledge of the automobile.  He does this without pay and asks for nothing in return. He is a wealth of automotive knowledge and quite often has advice and answers for staff that stop to ask him questions.  If it is car related, Bill knows something about it.  His dedication to BG and the Automotive Program is the best example of the BISON WAY! 

Joe Puzzo - Nominated by Jeff Bott
Joe Puzzo is the definition of the word team player.  He has been a huge help to the Physical Education Department for the entire school year.  He has and continues to volunteer to help in any way possible.  The department could not thanks him enough for everything that he has done for us.


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