Must be signed out in advance with Kym Corbett in the Main Office.

Can be fueled at Mobile, Buffalo Grove Rd. & Dundee Rd. or BP at Dundee and Kennicott.
They have the credit card.

If less than 1/4 tank of gas - fuel before returning.

April Wegrzyn has the credit card for extended trips.

Capacity* - seven passengers + one driver or fourteen passenger + one driver



School will purchase gas.

User to return van with gas (more than 1/4 of tank) and litter removed.


School Day  
2.5 hour minimum $92.95
After 2.5 hours $36.35
Mileage rate $ 1.86
Non-School Day  
5 hour minimum $166.96
After 5 hours $ 33.37
Mileage rate $  1.86

48 passengers 2 to a seat.
72 passengers 3 to a seat.

Complete Bus Request Form with Field Trip Approval Form.

Field Trip/bus money to be deposited into respective accounts:

ESL/ Bilingual 04-08-363 Science 04-08-370
Career and Technical Education 04-08-361 Social Science 04-08-371
English 04-08-362 Summer 04-08-374
Foreign Language 04-08-365 Art 04-08-360
Student Services 04-08-373 Physical Education 04-08-369

Deposit envelope to indicate: Faculty Name - Date of Field Trip - Destination.

Bills will automatically be paid upon arrival. Note will be sent to faculty member indicating bill - amount - has been paid.