October 2017 Students and Staff of the Month Honored at Buffalo Grove

An outstanding student has been selected from each academic division at Buffalo Grove High School to be honored as the October Student of the Month.

Sara Farrell, CTE teacher, is honored to nominate student of the month Graphic Design senior Helen Niu. Farrell says, “Helen is a natural artist who creates original and professional designs. She created the winning design for the 2017 BGHS Homecoming ticket. Helen hand drew the text for “There’s No Place Like Homecoming” then digitalized it using Adobe Illustrator. She brought the theme of the dance to life by creating vector silhouettes of each of the four, main characters from the Wizard of Oz. Helen took part in a graphic design internship this summer to further her education and experience in the world of graphics.”  Helen’s honors continue, and Farrell writes, “In the 2017 Harper Graphic Arts contest, Helen placed 1st for Digital Page Layout. She combined her Illustrator artwork with the laser engraver to create a unique event invitation. You can see this piece along with the homecoming tickets, an original screen-printed t-shirt design and more of Helen’s work in the display case near the stairwell by the theater.”

The World Languages/Social Sciences/English Language Learners division has chosen Antonio Laverd.  Nominating teacher Zaya DeNardo says, “Antonio Laverd is a junior who hadn’t taken Spanish 1 since middle school. By week three, he switched from Spanish 1 to Spanish 2. Not only did he catch up with the class but he has excelled due to his strong work ethic and dedication to using Spanish in class.”  DeNardo continues, “Antonio looks up words he doesn’t know, he takes risks in using new words and grammar. He has a positive attitude and is a shining example of how a Spanish student should act and think during class.”

Ryder From has been proudly nominated by English teacher Pete Eriksson.  “Ryder has been a stand out in AP Seminar. Not only is he on point day in and day out but he serves as a great model for his classmates and when necessary a humble one when he is wrong.”  Eriksson notes that, “He is diligent, thoughtful and has an excellent eye for peer critique. He’s funny and knows how to manage the line between adult and student sense of humor. He gets along with everybody. Additionally, Ryder is an active member of the Debate team and is also enrolled and thriving in Intro to Journalism.”

The Physical Education/Health/Driver's Education department selected Iskra Popova as their student of the month.  P.E teacher Allison Leslie is pleased to nominate this fine student.  Leslie states, “Iskra is a positive role model in class.  She is always setting a good example for others to follow and is willing to help anyone.  She is consistently trying to improve her fitness level and works very hard in class.  Congratulations to Iskra!”

Rohan Amin is the Math/Science honoree.  Nominated by teacher Paige Fullhart, she writes, “Rohan has been an exemplary student this year, and is a super example of what it means to be a Bison.  He goes above and beyond in helping other students while maintaining his own grades.”  Fullhart boasts, “He spends his own time during his lunch to help his peers in the Lit Lab.  He is a leader in the classroom and beyond, and is absolutely deserving of this recognition.”
For this month Student Services teacher, Kevin Miller, is pleased to nominate Steven Diaz as student of the month.  Miller explains, “Steven is a leader in my class, often assisting others with their homework.  In addition, he has made a point to improve his grades over the course of the last two semesters. Steven would be the first to admit that the early part of his sophomore year did not go so well.  Since that point, however, he has had a 3.0 GPA while also being a contributor to our football program.  Steven is a very polite young man who would never ask for notoriety, but he certainly deserves it.  He has had a very positive influence on our room, and we would be honored to give him our nomination as student of the month.”  

Finally, the October Staff Member of the month is David Hanson.  A well-loved member of the BGHS staff, David’s nomination states, “Dave is always willing to help out. Dave is very pleasant, courteous and always has a smile. It’s a pleasure for all to work with Dave!”

Contact: Assoc. Principal Jill Maraldo, (847)718-4014, jill.maraldo@d214.org


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